Our Solar Panel

Product functions:

-Led bulbs are built in and are non-replaceable
-the light is powered by solar energy through the solar panel on the light
-The solar panel converts sunlight energy into the electric energy and then charges the “AAA” Bi-MH rechargeable battery during the day
-Switching on the unit, under normal operating conditions, the light automatically turns on at night and turns off at dawn
– The run time of the light depends on the amount of time the solar panel is exposed to direct sunlight. A longer exposure to sunlight will increase the performance of the solar light
-The maximum sunlight exposure will allow the light to work for up to 8 hours
– Switching off the unit, the light will not be turned on even at night

Caring and maintenance:

-Always refer to the assembly drawing for the orientation of the product
-To obtain the maximum charge and performance, ensure that the light is charged for a full day prior to using at night
-Replacement batteries must be of the same specification as the originals. Battery: 1 x 1.2V 600 mAh NiMH AAA.
-If batteries have leaked, remove them from the battery compartment with a cloth. Dispose of batteries responsibly. If battery acid has leaked avoid direct contact. Rinse affected areas immediately after contact with the acid and wash with plenty of clean water. Seek immediate medical advice
-Exhausted batteries should be immediately removed from equipment and disposed of where facilities exist.